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Jenelle Joanne Ramsami

Her name is Jenelle Joanne Ramsami and she hail from Durban (South Africa), as a partially impaired individual and I had to endure a lot of hurdles and challenges in life.
Where these experiences could have broken her as an individual, I had learnt to rely on God and herself to become a strong and dedicated woman.
She believed her story is very unique because having a partial disability, you are deemed by society as someone who is born to fail. This alone had made her more determined to succeed not just for herself but for the Deaf community as well. Hence her motto in life is to live a purpose driven life, be an example to the lost in the world and to leave a legacy. She were also one of the intelligent lass in school and campus getting distinctions with merit.
She have been an inspiration to people around the world.

Modelling and acting allows her to display her creative side as a skilled craft. She is also talented in Art, dancing and fashion and one day hoping to open an agency called Jenjo’s Creations involving photography, modelling and talent.

Three things to describe her are Determined, Intelligent and Confident.

Determined, intelligent and confident – these are all attributes that make Durban’s Jenelle who is an inspiration to those around her. Despite the fact that Jenelle was diagnosed with hearing loss, this has not stopped her from successfully becoming one of South Africa’s most inspiring up and coming models. In the last two years she has been a finalist in the Miss Deaf South Africa pageant 2009/2010; she was awarded the ‘Fresh Look’ title at Miss India South Africa KZN 2010 contest, and recently made the Top 5 and 'Miss photogenic' for the Xtreme Models Search competition in February 2011. “I have always believed that modelling is a stepping stone to something greater for me. I want to motivate those who are both ably hearing and hearing impaired,” explains Jenelle. Achieving her goals is definitely not a foreign concept to this budding model. She was the first hearing impaired person in her school to pass her Matric with a merit and distinctions, thus enabling her to attend a mainstream college where she passed a national diploma in Business Management. It was this need to inspire and to show people that being hearing impaired is merely an obstacle that led Jenelle to becoming LifeSound’s newest ambassador & ambassador for House Of Tai Tei Lija (cosmestic) and first hearing impaired/deaf in FHM TOP 20 2012

She have always believes that, “your mind is the most powerful tool or you can do anything you have set your mind to”.

I volunteer for charity work such as reach for a dream.
I have appeared on numerous newspapers and magazines.

Her dance segment is about my life struggle and howshe have overcame many challenges. Music is in her heart, she feel its rhythm and she hear with her heart and beneath her. It not only about her, it’s also relates to women who face challenges while reaching to the top. This song *The Climb* by Miley Cyrus (a contemporary dance), it motivate her to overcome life struggle and shine on this platform

Here are some of her other achievements:

2nd princess for Miss Beauty Pageant 2000
Finalist for Miss Deaf KZN 2004
Finalist for Miss Deaf SA 2009/2010
Fresh Look for Miss India SA KZN 2010
2nd princess for Miss Deaf KZN 2012
Appeared in LX seth music video 2010 - *let it go*
Top 5 in Xtreme search Models 2011 and Miss Photogenic 2011
were a judge for Miss Summer Heat Semi 2011/2012 and Fashionation casting 2011
and also for miss/mr mzini pageant 2012
A Ambassador for Lifesound 2011 :)
Ambassador for House Of Tai Tei Lija
FHM top 20 2012 (the one and only hearing impaired model been selected for top fhm 100 from thousands of hearing women and through all the people votes I ended up to top FHM 20, which is her biggest achievement )
Top 12 for GND (girl next door)
Top 13 for Face of KZN 2012
Contestant for SA Swimsuit 2013 (need votes)
Contestant for FHM GF (need votes)
4th Princess for Face of Sutra 2012

Having achieved all of the above, I believe that I should not plateau but move onto new beginnings.

Acted as lead female role as a seductive woman who preys on rich man for money and who then change her heart, named Tessa.
in movie called *HOME* which will soon be release
See trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49EGyn-pyuo&feature=player_embedded

Being interviewed by DTV (deaf TV)
See in youtube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLbRIE2ySd8

Face of Sutra – 4th princess
See in youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCXbxBPoHjs

Check a promo video of me near Nelspruit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMhNnKDWgTc

Her blog

list of interviews:
1. Beauty With A Purpose. Interview with Jenelle Ramsami
2. http://www.looklocal.co.za/looklocal/content/en/north-durban-and-umhlanga/north-durban-and-umhlanga-news-general?oid=5917488&sn=Detail&pid=1171317&Vote-for-uMhlanga-beauty
3 http://www.looklocal.co.za/looklocal/content/en/north-durban-and-umhlanga/north-durban-and-umhlanga-news-general?oid=5010036&sn=Detail&pid=1171317&Deaf-model--overcomes-the-odds

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